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Do You Experience

Do you experience pain while performing day-to-day activities??


Pain is an unpleasant experience, especially if it's related to a potential tissue damage or inflammation. Pain can be mild or chronic pain based on the severity, cause and duration of the pain. Chronic pain is the pain that has lasted longer than 3 months. The pain maybe continuous or irregular, and sometimes get worse very quickly. Common treatments for pain include medication, rest and relaxation, hot baths or massage. However, despite these treatment methods chronic pain may not be effectively relieved.

Living with chronic pain can be stressful. Managing at home, work, with friends and family as well as many other things can be difficult. It can lead to feelings of anxiety or fear about what might be causing the pain; also bad temper, frustration and having troubling thoughts especially where there is no obvious cause. It can even result in depression.

A physiotherapist can help you throughout your treatment. Before beginning an exercise routine, your physiotherapist can perform a variety of pre-activity assessments to determine your readiness for exercise. They can also help you decide best strategies for exercise activities, thus minimizing your chance of becoming injured. They can help with initial pain management, identify and address all factors that may have contributed to your injury to prevent further problems and provide specific recommendations regarding reintegration into exercise as appropriate.

Furthermore, they can help you sustain the result of the treatment for years to come by suggesting exercises that are to be carried out at home on a daily or intermittent basis

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